11.8 Further reading

There are no other textbooks which cover hierarchical forecasting in any depth, so interested readers will need to tackle the original research papers for further information.

  • Gross & Sohl (1990) provide a good introduction to the top-down approaches.
  • A recent survey of forecast reconciliation is provided by George Athanasopoulos et al. (2020).
  • The reconciliation methods were developed in a series of papers. The later papers summarise previous results and present the most general theory: Wickramasuriya et al. (2019), Panagiotelis et al. (2021), Panagiotelis et al. (2023).
  • G. Athanasopoulos et al. (2017) extends the reconciliation approach to deal with temporal hierarchies.
  • The tourism example is discussed in more detail in G. Athanasopoulos et al. (2009), Wickramasuriya et al. (2019), and Kourentzes & Athanasopoulos (2019).


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