1.9 Further reading

  • Armstrong (2001) covers the whole field of forecasting, with each chapter written by different experts. It is highly opinionated at times (and we don’t agree with everything in it), but it is full of excellent general advice on tackling forecasting problems.
  • Ord et al. (2017) is a forecasting textbook covering some of the same areas as this book, but with a different emphasis and not focused around any particular software environment. It is written by three highly respected forecasters, with many decades of experience between them.


Armstrong, J. S. (Ed.). (2001). Principles of forecasting: A handbook for researchers and practitioners. Kluwer Academic Publishers. [Amazon]
Ord, J. K., Fildes, R., & Kourentzes, N. (2017). Principles of business forecasting (2nd ed.). Wessex Press Publishing Co. [Amazon]